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About Me

Martha Pinzón Communications

“Keep the world informed to build  up great possibilities for the future”
– Martha Pinzon

Hi, I’m Martha! Welcome to my digital journalism space. I truly believe in the power of journalism to allow communities progress, build up and accomplish justice and increase humanity sense around the world

Who I am…

I am a Colombian journalist with a broad career in television and radio. In my extensive career on TV, I was nominated for the Simón Bolívar Prize thanks to a paper about “The Czar of Las Esmeraldas in Colombia” for the 360 ​​degree research program in which I was a journalist, TV host and reporter; also, I was Press Officer of the Commissioner of Peace throughout the President Andrés Pastrana´s government peace process.

I have been able to create a great career in the journalism and social media world by being a host and producer, not only for TV but also for radio where I have been producing and hosting programs with a large audience in Canada for more than 15 years.

Truth be told, social media communications has been my main strength.

My Values & Beliefs

Education should be provided to everyone without any political or religious interest

If we give them the tools and provide a respectfull working enviroment with men this would mean humanitarian advancement and growth in society could be achieved

but, in that same matters, we all should do it with respect and never forget that our freedom ends where we start doing harm to others

My Approach

My passion for journalism and my intentions of keeping everyone up to date with news and information, has led me to prepare myself, more and more, in all different fields I can; that is why I got certificated on human rights, international humanitarian law  and I am trained as a war correspondent.

 Preparation and professionalism are some of the skills that define me as a journalist. Since I moved to Canada, in the 2000, I´ve been focused on the immigration process´s impact caused in every person who has decided to move out of their origin country, including the possible mental health damage occurred during the transition.

 I, also, have been the representive face of severals festivals, seminars and academic institutions by doing presentations for both commercial and non-profit events, in aid of another countries due to natural disasters. At the moment, I continue doing my best on my responsible investigative journalism work in Canada alongside the digital media company “Q´pasa” and “MP Communications”.

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